2019 Resources

What is Lean Where do you start?
Lean Institute Vietnam delegation visited Ho Chi Minh University of Technology to discuss collaboration opportunities to contribute to the development of the industry and the society in Vietnam together.
If you are willing to work at Vinfast, there are currently 3 Engineers position opened at Vinfast Engine Shop. • Process Engineer – Machining • Gauge and Calibration Engineer • PLC/CNC Specialist or Engineer
Lean Institute Vietnam board visited Framas Vietnam last week to introduce LIV 2020 program and discuss our upcoming projects after TET Nguyen Dan.
Lean News about QC Tools has been issued. Seven Qc Tools and Seven New QC Tools are extremely effective, instruments for data analysis, process control and quality improvement.
First volume of Lean Bulletin by Lean Institute Vietnam. The 10 steps of Lean Production are a result of many years of research into successful Lean Manufacturing Processes in many countries.
Erkan Gun from Lean Institute Vietnam and David Gurr from InfinityQS® introduced a new revolution in Quality Management on December 11th and shared information on how Enact® - a cloud-based, real-time QMS - can bring your manufacturing operations...